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Twelfth Grade (Grade 12) Personal Finance Questions

You can create printable tests and worksheets from these Grade 12 Personal Finance questions! Select one or more questions using the checkboxes above each question. Then click the add selected questions to a test button before moving to another page.

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Grade 12 Personal Finance
Insurance against the risk of incurring medical expenses.
  1. Term Life Insurance
  2. Health Insurance
  3. Universal Life Insurance
  4. Coinsurance Clause
Grade 12 Personal Finance
What factors affect a credit score?
  1. Type of debt
  2. New debt
  3. Duration of debt
  4. All of the above
Grade 12 Personal Finance
The annual rate that is charged for borrowing money; expressed as a single percentage number that represents the actual yearly cost of funds over the term of the loan.
  1. Annual Percentage Rule (APR)
  2. Annual Percentage Rate (APR)
  3. Annual Plan Rate (APR)
  4. Actual Percentage Rate (APR)
Grade 12 Personal Finance
The biggest difference between a debit card and a credit card is:
  1. Credit cards can be used to rent cars; debit cards cannot
  2. A debit card only allows you to use money you already have in the bank
  3. A credit card shows the world you are a grown-up with money
  4. Credit cards allow you to make online purchases; debit cards do not
Grade 12 Personal Finance
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