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Continuing Education

Continuing Education Problem Solving Questions

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Continuing Education Problem Solving
New drywall is installed on existing studs in a building. There are numerous nail pops happening one month after the installation. What is the most common cause of this?
  1. Studs should have been removed and reinstalled new ones
  2. Wrong drywall was used
  3. Wood was wet when drywall was installed
  4. Drywall was not installed tight to the studs
Continuing Education Problem Solving
New cabinetry is installed in a existing kitchen. The distance between the edge of the wall and the cabinet varies by 1/2" from the top to the bottom. What is the most cost effective solution to "hide" this?
  1. Reframe the entire wall system to make it level
  2. Provide a gap 1" on the large side and fill the gap in with a filler strip
  3. Remove the cabinetry and build the last cabinet at an angle
  4. Leave a gap between the cabinet and the wall
Continuing Education Problem Solving
During a renovation you discover a deep crack in your foundation wall. What is the most likely cause of this?
  1. Settling of the earth the foundation is resting on
  2. To heavy of a building load on top of the foundation
  3. Improper hydration of the concrete
  4. Too much aggregate in the concrete.
Continuing Education Problem Solving
During a renovation you encounter a structural issue. What is the first step in determining a successful solution?
  1. Generate ideas
  2. Take action on a plan
  3. Determine the problem
  4. Determine the cause
Continuing Education Problem Solving
During the demolition of an existing home, after removing the plaster and wallboard, you determine the wall thickness is only a 2x4. What may need to be done to increase the insulation value of the wall system?
  1. Fur our interior of wall framing to allow for more insulation
  2. Reframe all of the walls
  3. Stuff more insulation into the cavity
  4. Nothing you can do to increase the insulation value
Continuing Education Problem Solving
After determining what the cause of a problem on the job site is, what must the carpenter do next?
  1. Fix the problem
  2. Generate ideas of how to fix the problem
  3. Give up
  4. Call his supervisor
Continuing Education Problem Solving
An existing interior door begins to rub on the door jamb when it is closed. What is a potential cause for this?
  1. Differential settling
  2. Improper installation
  3. Expansion and contraction in different temperatures
  4. All of the aboce
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