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Tenth Grade (Grade 10) Psychology Questions

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Grade 10 Psychology
Which of the following is NOT a part of the scientific method?
  1. generating a theory
  2. conducting experiments
  3. asking questions
  4. influencing behavior
Grade 10 Psychology
The basic belief of                         is that human behavior develops in response to rewards and punishment received
  1. social cognitive theory
  2. behaviorism
  3. psychoanalytic theory
  4. humanistic psychology
Grade 10 Psychology
In Freud's theory of personality, the                 is the part of the personality in touch with reality.
  1. unconscious
  2. superego
  3. ego
  4. id
Grade 10 Psychology
When a person is frightened, epinephrine and norepinephrine are released into the bloodstream from the
  1. brain
  2. adrenal glands
  3. pituitary
  4. thyroid gland
Grade 10 Psychology
When participants' illnesses change because they believe a treatment will have an effect, they are exhibiting?
  1. free association
  2. a self-fulfilling prophecy
  3. the placebo effect
  4. a conditioned reflex
Grade 10 Psychology
According to Freud, the      id      contains a person's instinctual and biological urges
Grade 10 Psychology
Which of the following is NOT a type of meditation?
  1. Transcendental
  2. Breathing
  3. Subliminal
  4. Mindfulness
Grade 10 Psychology
Children who are confident and able to make their own decisions likely have parents who are
  1. Democratic/authoritative
  2. uninvolved
  3. authoriatarian
  4. permissive/laissez-faire
Grade 10 Psychology
           Superego           the part of the personality that according to Freud is the source of conscience
Grade 10 Psychology
Carl Jung believed that everyone's mind has a(n)             archetype             that contains common inherited instincts, urges, and memories of the entire human species.
Grade 10 Psychology
                     Self-actualization                     realizing one's unique potential
Grade 10 Psychology
The approach that uses free association to learn more about a person's unconscious thoughts and feelings is called                  Psychoanalytic                  psychology.
Grade 10 Psychology
The                   social learning                   theory assumes that gender roles are learned by observing and imitating models.
Grade 10 Psychology
When the dependent variable increases as the independent variable increases, the correlation is             positive.            
Grade 10 Psychology
To conduct a valid study of a large population, you should use a(n)?
  1. naturalistic observation
  2. nonrepresentative sample
  3. representative sample
  4. case study
Grade 10 Psychology
         Traits         the consistent, enduring, and unique characteristics of a person
Grade 10 Psychology
The ___________________ is the unit in the inner brain that regulates and controls activity level, increases excitement, and helps generate sleep.
  1. Adrenal Gland
  2. Pituitary Gland
  3. Reticular Formation
  4. Androgen
  5. Homeostasis
Grade 10 Psychology
         Schema         conceptual framework used to make sense of the world
Grade 10 Psychology
A ___________________ is the body's regulating mechanism that determines what an individuals body weight should be.
  1. Obesity point
  2. Set point
  3. Glucose regulator
  4. Blood-sugar level
  5. Genes
Grade 10 Psychology
Imitation is a form of            modeling           
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