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Ninth Grade (Grade 9) Simple Machines Questions

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Grade 9 Simple Machines
If a machine has a mechanical advantage less than one, which of the following must be true?
  1. The Effort Force is less than the Resistance Force.
  2. The Effort Distance is greater than the Resistance Distance.
  3. The Effort Distance is less than the Resistance Distance.
  4. The Effort Force and Resistance Force are the same.
Grade 9 Simple Machines
To increase the DISTANCE that a machine moves a load, you
  1. should increase the MA.
  2. should decrease the MA.
  3. should make the MA 1.
  4. should decrease the efficiency.
  5. can't change distance, only force.
Grade 9 Simple Machines
A catapult is best described as what type of lever?
  1. Class 1 Lever
  2. Class 2 Lever
  3. Class 3 Lever
  4. Class 4 Lever
Grade 9 Simple Machines
A device that does work with only one movement is called a
  1. pulley.
  2. compound machine.
  3. force.
  4. simple machine.
Grade 9 Simple Machines
How much work would be required to lift a 25 kg object to a height of 20 meters?
  1. 500 Joules
  2. 1.25 Joules
  3. 245 Newtons
  4. 1.25 Newtons
  5. 4900 Joules
Grade 9 Simple Machines
The force you apply to a machine is the
  1. efficiency.
  2. input force.
  3. output force.
  4. resistance.
Grade 9 Simple Machines
How would you increase the mechanical advantage of a doorknob?
  1. increase the radius of the outer knob
  2. increase the radius of the inner cylinder
  3. decrease the radius of the outer knob
  4. The mechanical advantage of a doorknob is always 1
  5. A doorknob is not a simple machine
Grade 9 Simple Machines
Which of the following machines ALWAYS increases your force?
  1. class 2 lever
  2. class 3 lever
  3. wheel and axle
  4. pulley
  5. no machine can increase your force
Grade 9 Simple Machines
Grade 9 Simple Machines
How much work is done when a 1200N object is raised 6 meters?
  1. 200 Joules
  2. 200 Newtons
  3. 7200 Joules
  4. 7200 Newtons
  5. None of the above
Grade 9 Simple Machines
When water turns a turbine at a dam, the kinetic energy of the falling water changes to mechanical energy of the spinning turbine. Which of the following is an accurate description of the situation?
  1. The turbine is providing potential energy to the water.
  2. The total amount of energy in the system is decreasing.
  3. The water is doing work on the turbine.
  4. The total amount of energy is increasing.
  5. The water is converting its kinetic energy to potential energy.
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