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South Carolina Questions - All Grades

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Grade 3 South Carolina
How was South Carolina affected by The American Revolution?
  1. parts of South Carolina were destroyed
  2. many houses and plantations were burned
  3. mills were destroyed
  4. all of the above
Grade 3 South Carolina
In Boston and Charleston, South Carolina there were "tea Parties". What happened in Charleston?
  1. Tea was stored in a warehouse and not allowed to be sold
  2. tea was dumped into the harbor
  3. tea was sold to the British
  4. tea was burned by the Native Americans
Grade 3 South Carolina
How did South Carolinians help Boston after the Tea Party?
  1. They sent supplies to Boston
  2. They sent troops to Boston
  3. They sent ships to Boston
  4. They opened their homes to Bostonians
Grade 3 South Carolina
Grade 3 South Carolina
How did South Carolinians protest the Intolerable Acts?
  1. By refusing to sell goods to Britain
  2. By closing Charleston Harbor
  3. By dumping tea into Charleston Harbor
  4. By boycotting British goods
Grade 3 South Carolina
Which of the following was a challenge faced by South Carolina during the late 1800s?
  1. Laws were passed that made it difficult for white landowners to vote.
  2. Laws were passed that favored African Americans.
  3. Many people left the textile industry to work in farming.
  4. Many people struggled as sharecroppers and tenant farmers.
Grade 3 South Carolina
Who won the Battle of Ninety Six?
  1. the Patriots
  2. the Loyalists
  3. the French
  4. the Cherokee
Grade 3 South Carolina
How did Rebecca Motte contribute to the war effort in South Carolina?
  1. She stored weapons and other supplies that Patriot troops had captured from the British
  2. She helped escaped prisoners find places to stay
  3. She let Patriot troops burn her house in order to capture British troops
  4. She provided Patriot troops with food and clothing
Grade 3 South Carolina
What happened at the Battle of Sullivan's Island in 1776?
  1. American troops defeated the British
  2. American troops defeated the Native Americans
  3. British troops defeated the Americans
  4. French troops defeated the British
Grade 3 South Carolina
For which leader was Fort Sullivan renamed?
  1. George Washington
  2. William Moultrie
  3. Francis Marion
  4. Daniel Morgan
Grade 2 South Carolina
Grade 3 South Carolina
Why did people in the Up Country want the capital to move?
  1. they thought it should be in a more central location
  2. they thought it should be in the low country
  3. they thought it should stay in Charleston
  4. they wanted control over the entire state
Grade 3 South Carolina
Who was in charge of rewriting South Carolina's State Constitution?
  1. Rebecca Motte
  2. Charles Pinckney
  3. Andrew Pickney
  4. Thomas Sumter
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