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The Americas Questions - All Grades

You can create printable tests and worksheets from these The Americas questions! Select one or more questions using the checkboxes above each question. Then click the add selected questions to a test button before moving to another page.

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Grade 8 Latin America and Caribbean
What was the name of the Aztec capital city?
  1. Texcoco
  2. Tlacopan
  3. Purepecha
  4. Tenochtitlan
Grade 6 Latin America and Caribbean
The ancient Mayans lived in what modern day part of the world?
  1. Central America and Mexico
  2. Southwest United States
  3. South America
  4. Caribbean
Grade 6 Canada
What is Canada's legislature called?
  1. Justin Trudeau
  2. Constitution
  3. The Canadian Government
  4. Parliament
Grade 10 Latin America and Caribbean
Who led the Haitian Revolution against the French?
  1. Simon Bolivar
  2. Napoleon III
  3. Antonio José de Sucre
  4. Toussaint L'Ouverture
Grade 5 Latin America and Caribbean
Grade 6 Latin America and Caribbean
Mayan cities were the center for what?
  1. Recreation
  2. Living
  3. Rituals and Religion
  4. Shopping
Grade 6 Latin America and Caribbean
Tenochtitlan lies beneath which modern day city?
  1. San Antonio
  2. Mexico City
  3. Cancun
  4. Las Vegas
Grade 7 Latin America and Caribbean
Grade 5 Canada
The First Nations are the indigenous people in what country?
  1. Canada
  2. Mexico
  3. Nicaragua
  4. United States
Grade 8 The Americas
Cultures flourished in the Americas for thousands of years before the arrival of Europeans. Answer the following questions about pre-Columbian cultures.
__ Which culture is remembered for the mounds and earthworks they created? A. Monte Albán
__ What was the capital of the Aztec empire? B. Cahokia
__ The Aztecs believed that the gods were born in what ancient city? C. Tenochtitlán
__ What was the largest pre-Columbian city north of Mexico? D. Chimor
__ What was the name of the Incan capital? E. Machu Picchu
__ Which Incan city was mistakenly believed to have been the last Incan stronghold? F. Atahualpa
__ Chan Chan was the capital city of which empire? G. Teotihuacán
__ What city was a major city for both the Mixtec and Zapotec cultures? H. Cuzco
__ Which Incan emperor was captured by Francisco Pizarro? I. Adena
__ Which Mayan city was one of the largest during the Classical phase? J. Tikal
Grade 8 Latin America and Caribbean
What is the name of the largest Olmec city?
  1. Monte Albán
  2. Teotihuacan
  3. La Venta
  4. Tres Zapotes
Grade 6 Latin America and Caribbean
Grade 6 Latin America and Caribbean
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