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Baking Equipment Challenge (Continuing Education)

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Baking Equipment Challenge

After removing hot food from the oven, place the baking dish or pan on                .
  1. parchment paper
  2. paper towels
  3. pot holders
  4. cooling racks
Cuts shortening into flour when making biscuits and pastry.
  1. sifter
  2. rubber spatula
  3. pastry blender
  4. whisk
This type of knife easily cuts cakes and breads.
  1. slicing
  2. utility
  3. paring
  4. serrated
Used to measure by volume wet or dry ingredients of smaller quantity.
  1. weigh scale
  2. measuring spoons
  3. graduated measuring cup
  4. dry measuring cup
Efficiently removes batters from bowls and sauces from pots.
  1. rotary beater
  2. wooden spoon
  3. rubber spatula
  4. wire whisk
Allows you to evenly glaze biscuits/cookies, or apply egg wash to pie crust.
  1. metal spatula
  2. tablespoon
  3. pastry brush
  4. rubber spatula
Used to zest citrus fruits, such as orange or lemon, to add flavoring to baked goods.
  1. grater
  2. peeler
  3. paring knife
  4. kitchen shears
This tool efficiently applies frosting to baked goods such as large cakes or small cupcakes.
  1. rubber spatula
  2. serrated knife
  3. wooden spoon
  4. palette knife
This has a silicone coating giving it a heat-resistant and nonstick surface, and may be used to line baking sheets or cake molds.
  1. cookie sheet
  2. parchment paper
  3. paper towel
  4. wax paper
This hand held tool is used to smoothly blend ingredients, fold ingredients together, or whip cream.
  1. kitchen stand mixer
  2. rubber spatula
  3. whisk
  4. dessert fork
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