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Cooking Terms (Continuing Education)

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Cooking Terms

To soak in a seasoned liquid, to add flavor and/or tenderize.
  1. bread
  2. flute
  3. marinate
  4. sift
To cook in hot fat.
  1. pan-fry
  2. fry
  3. stir-fry
  4. deep-fat fry
To cover with boiling water and let stand without additional heating until flavor and color are extracted, as for tea.
  1. steep
  2. steam
  3. simmer
  4. saute
To cook by dry heat, uncovered, usually in the oven.
  1. broil
  2. saute
  3. roast
  4. stew
To spread a liquid coating on a food, using a pastry brush or paper towel.
  1. flute
  2. grease
  3. bread
  4. brush
To place small particles of a solid, such as butter, on the surface of a food.
  1. dot
  2. saute
  3. simmer
  4. barbecue
To cook in an oven or oven-type appliance in a covered or uncovered pan.
  1. bake
  2. roast
  3. braise
  4. stew
To cut food into flat pieces.
  1. chop
  2. slice
  3. sliver
  4. cut
To brown by direct heat in a toaster or in the oven.
  1. brown
  2. fry
  3. scald
  4. toast
To cook meat with dry and moist heat
  1. braising
  2. sauteing
  3. simmering
  4. convectioning
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