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Knife Safety (Grade 8)

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Knife Safety

What should you do if you are talking to someone and using a knife?
  1. keep talking, you should communicate when cooking
  2. keep looking at the knife and continue talking
  3. ignore the person and talk to them when you have finished cutting
  4. place your knife down, do not use it
What do you do when you have finished using a knife?
  1. put it away immediately
  2. wash it individually in the sink, rinse it, dry it and put it away
  3. place it behind the taps and wash it with your other dishes
  4. put it in the sink to soak
How should you hold a knife?
  1. hold knife handle with one hand and the food item with the other with tucked in fingers
  2. hold knife handle with one hand and the blade with the other
  3. hold knife handle with one hand and use your fingers to guide the blade
  4. hold knife handle with one hand, relax your other hand by your side
How should you cut food that is round?
  1. slice food in half to get a flat edge
  2. slice off thin section so food sits flat and stable on the cutting board
  3. balance the knife carefully on top and start cutting
  4. hold the knife near the blade and cut the food in half
How do you walk safely with a knife?
  1. hold knife facing up with the blade on a slight angle
  2. hold knife facing out and on a slight angle
  3. hold knife facing down and on a slight angle
  4. hold knife by the blade and on a slight angle
Which option is the safest place to store knives?
  1. wood block
  2. drawer with other utensils
  3. counter canister with wooden spoons
  4. on kitchen window ledge for easy access
When you are using the pivot technique, the fingers on your guide hand (the hand not holding the knife) are used to
  1. move the blade as you cut.
  2. hold the food in place.
  3. keep the knife in place.
  4. hold the food in place with fingers flat.
We know that a sharp knife is safer than a dull knife. How often should a knife be sharpened?
  1. once a month
  2. once a day
  3. once a week
  4. as needed
Identify the unsafe option when you are cutting a bagel in half.
  1. use a sharp knife
  2. use the palm of your hand as a cutting board
  3. use a clean knife
  4. use a serrated knife
Identify the task that is unsafe to perform with a knife.
  1. slicing tomatoes
  2. dicing potatoes
  3. opening bags, boxes or cans
  4. chopping onions
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