Push and Pull - Which Way Will It Go? (Kindergarten)

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Push and Pull - Which Way Will It Go?

Instructions: If you push an object, which way will it move? If you pull and object, which way will it move? Look at each picture. Answer the question about the direction the object moves.

Sam kicks the soccer ball. A kick is a pushing force.
Pushing Force 4
Will the ball move toward Sam or away from Sam?
  1. toward Sam
  2. away from Sam
The boy is pulling the sled.
Pulling Force 5
Will the sled move away from the boy or toward the boy?
  1. away from the boy
  2. toward the boy
The man is pushing the lawnmower.
Pushing Force 5
Will the lawnmower move away from the man or toward the man?
  1. away from the man
  2. toward the man
The woman is pushing the shopping cart.
Pushing Force 3
Will the shopping cart move toward the woman or away from the woman?
  1. toward the woman
  2. away from the woman
The boy is pulling the wagon.
Pulling Force 3
Will the wagon move toward the boy or away from the boy?
  1. toward the boy
  2. away from the boy

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