Tug of War (Grade 2)

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Tug of War

Nora and Miguel are playing a game of tug of war. They tied a red ribbon in the middle of the rope. Answer the questions about their game of tug of war.
Pulling Force 1
How are Nora and Miguel trying to move the ribbon?
  1. by pulling the rope
  2. by pushing the rope
How can Miguel make the ribbon move toward him?
  1. push on the rope harder than Nora pushes on the rope
  2. pull on the rope harder than Nora pulls on the rope
The ribbon moves toward Nora. Which best explains why?
  1. Miguel pulls harder than Nora.
  2. Nora pulls harder than Miguel.
  3. Miguel pushes harder than Nora.
  4. Nora pushes harder than Miguel.
Both Nora and Miguel try to move the ribbon toward themselves. But, the ribbon does not move. Which could explain why the ribbon does not move?
  1. Nora is stronger than Miguel.
  2. Miguel is stronger than Nora.
  3. Both Nora and Miguel are equally strong.
Ginny joins the game of tug of war. She helps Miguel. Which way will the ribbon most likely move?
  1. toward Miguel and Ginny
  2. away from Miguel and Ginny

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