Push and Pull - Fast and Slow (Kindergarten)

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Push and Pull - Fast and Slow

Emma is pushing Katie on the swing. Emma first pushes Katie gently. Then, Emma pushes Katie harder.
Pushing Force 1
What will happen to Katie's speed as Emma pushes her harder?
  1. She will swing faster.
  2. She will swing slower.
Charlie kicks a ball two times. His first kick makes the ball roll slowly. His second kick makes the ball roll faster.
Pushing Force 4
Did Charlie kick the ball harder the first or second time he kicked it?
  1. first time
  2. second time
Mollie rolls a ball down a ramp. The ball rolls fast. Mollie wants the ball to roll slower. Which should Mollie do to make the ball roll slower?
  1. make the ramp steeper
  2. make the ramp less steep
Owen is sledding. He wants to pull his sled to the top of the hill faster.
Pulling Force 5
How can Owen get his sled to the top of the hill faster?
  1. pull softer on the sled
  2. pull harder on the sled
The man is mowing the grass.
Pushing Force 5
How can he make the lawn mower move faster?
  1. push harder
  2. push softer

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