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Cooking Terms E-R (Grade 10)

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Cooking Terms E-R

To mix and work dough into a uniform smooth mass, usually working the dough with your hands.
  1. reduce
  2. fold
  3. knead
To bind together two ingredients that usually don't combine, such as fat and water.
  1. marinate
  2. emulsify
  3. reduce
To remove the outer skin or rind of a fruit or vegetable.
  1. grate
  2. peel
  3. reduce
To cook food in the oven in an uncovered pan.
  1. grill
  2. parboil
  3. roast
A technique to carefully combine a light mixture with a heavier mixture.
  1. marinate
  2. fold
  3. puree
To concentrate or thicken a liquid by boiling the liquid rapidly.
  1. reduce
  2. parboil
  3. poach
To use a rough serrated surface to reduce a large piece of food to coarse or fine threads.
  1. julienne
  2. mince
  3. grate
To thoroughly cook food by simmering it gently in liquid.
  1. poach
  2. parboil
  3. puree
To cook food in hot fat or oil that is not deep enough to cover the food.
  1. grill
  2. fry
  3. marinate
To grind or mash food until it is uniformly smooth.
  1. puree
  2. mince
  3. pare
To cook food over hot coals or other similar intense heat source.
  1. parboil
  2. poach
  3. grill
To cut food into thin sticks.
  1. julienne
  2. pare
  3. mince
To quickly immerse heated food in cold water to stop the cooking process.
  1. emulsify
  2. shock
  3. poach
To partially cook dense foods in boiling water in order to shorten subsequent cooking times with other ingredients.
  1. reduce
  2. parboil
  3. emulsify
To soak food in a seasoned mixture for a length of time. This tenderizes the food and adds flavor.
  1. parboil
  2. reduce
  3. marinate
To cut food into very small pieces.
  1. mince
  2. puree
  3. julienne

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