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Cooking Poultry Basics (Grade 10)

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Cooking Poultry Basics

Which meat is not poultry?
  1. chicken
  2. beef
  3. duck
  4. turkey
How should you safely thaw frozen meat?
  1. in the refrigerator
  2. on a clean plate on a kitchen counter
  3. in a sink of warm water
  4. in a sealed plastic bag in the sink
When preparing ingredients for a meal with only one cutting board, what is the safest order of preparation to prevent cross-contamination?
  1. garlic, celery, onions, poultry
  2. celery, poultry, onions, garlic
  3. onions, poultry, garlic, celery
  4. garlic, onions, poultry, celery
What purpose is achieved by pounding chicken breasts to more uniform thickness?
  1. better presentation
  2. break down muscle
  3. to ensure even cooking
  4. tenderize the meat
What is the main difference between dark and white poultry meat?
  1. type of feed
  2. how much a muscle is exercised
  3. breed of poultry
  4. a and b
Grading poultry is based on all of these factors except one.
  1. tenderness
  2. location
  3. juiciness
  4. flavour
What does the term "dressed poultry" mean?
  1. a ready to cook whole bird
  2. a whole bird that has been stuffed with bread stuffing
  3. a whole bird with seasoning rubbed onto the skin
  4. a whole bird that has been brined
Which cooking method is not appropriate for poultry?
  1. roast
  2. broil
  3. boil
  4. stew
How do you dredge poultry pieces for frying?
  1. coat with beaten egg then flour
  2. sprinkle with spices
  3. drag meat through a dry ingredient such as flour
  4. coat with beaten egg then bread crumbs
This is usually the most economical way to buy poultry.
  1. legs
  2. thighs
  3. wings
  4. whole bird

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