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Roof Framing (Continuing Education)

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Roof Framing

A hip roof consists of a                  board or beam, and a combination of                    rafters,                rafters and hip jack rafters.
What is the difference between a ridge board and a ridge beam?
  1. A ridge beam is designed to carry an additional load, a ridge board does not
  2. A ridge beam is used on a hip roof, and a ridge board is used on a gable roof
  3. A ridge beam is used where a ridge board can not be used
  4. There is no difference between a ridge beam and a ridge board
A collar tie is a horizontal member of a roof that adds strength and rigidity to the common rafters.
  1. True
  2. False
A roof needs a be a hip roof, or a gable roof, and you cannot build a roof that is the combination of the two types.
  1. True
  2. False
Describe the process for laying out a common rafter using the calculated rafter length

On which common job site tool can you find sizes and tables which you can reference when framing a roof?
  1. Level
  2. Speed square
  3. Framing square
  4. Angle finder
Pre-cut and engineered roofs can be ordered for pretty much any size and allow for quick and efficient roof framing with minimal waste. These types of roofs are called                  roofs.
When cutting a roof rafter, this is the part of the rafter that takes the vertical load from the roof.
  1. Plumb cut
  2. Seat cut
  3. Overhang cut
  4. Level cut
This is the roofing member that is installed to resist lateral movement as well as provides backing a rigidity for the interior ceiling finish.
  1. Ceiling joist
  2. Ceiling rafter
  3. Roof rafter
  4. Ceiling truss
The metal connector on a trussed roof is called a gusset plate.
  1. True
  2. False
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