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Hair Cutting 2 (Continuing Education)

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Hair Cutting 2

                             is a basic foundational skill upon which all hair designs is built.
Hair should always be shampooed daily.
  1. True
  2. False
To perform a bevel-under effect, the blade is positioned behind the section of the hair and moved in:
  1. long strokes
  2. curved strokes
  3. a side to side motion
  4. in a back and forth motion
Which of the following angles best represents low projection?
  1. 0-30 degrees
  2. 30-60 degrees
  3. 90-180 degrees
  4. 180-240 degrees
Projection the hair below 90 degree would:
  1. build weight
  2. remove bulk
  3. remove weight
  4. shorten lengths
All of the following are true about the uniformly layered form EXCEPT:?
  1. ends are tapered
  2. softer appearance to hair
  3. a diffused form line appears
  4. regular alternation of short and long lengths
Hair responds differently on various areas of the head, depending on the length and the cutting technique used this is called                         
Being able to rely on your haircutting skills and technique when creating a haircut is what will build                           ,                 , and                      between stylist and client.
                                 is when all the hair comes to a single hanging level, forming a weight line.
In order to get experience providing hairstyling services on film and TV sets, you should be prepared to                             for a period of time.
  1. work only a few hours a day
  2. volunteer
  3. work without implements
  4. immediately join a union

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