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Sauces (Continuing Education)

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Identify the definition of a sauce.
  1. powered seasonings mixed with water
  2. a liquid with chili peppers as a base
  3. a liquid with fresh herbs
  4. a thickened liquid used to flavor and enhance other foods
Identify which option will not thicken a liquid.
  1. cornstarch
  2. flour
  3. cream of tartar
  4. potato starch
What is the ratio of butter to flour in a roux?
  1. 2:1
  2. 1:1
  3. 1/2:1
  4. 1:2
Identify the option that is not a variety of roux.
  1. cream
  2. white
  3. brown
  4. blond
Bechamel sauce is a mixture of roux and                .
  1. stock
  2. dairy
  3. tomatoes
  4. mayonnaise
Veloute is a mixture of roux and                .
  1. brown stock
  2. tomatoes
  3. white stock
  4. dairy
Identify the ingredients in Hollandaise Sauce.
  1. egg yolks, olive oil, an acid
  2. egg whites, clarified butter, an acid
  3. egg whites, clarified butter, mayonnaise
  4. egg yolks, clarified butter, an acid
Identify the definition of an emulsion.
  1. using salt to blend a mixture together
  2. a mixture of two or more liquids that are normally unmixable
  3. a blending method, usually by a hand held mixer
  4. using fresh herbs to blend a mixture together
Identify the sauce made from poultry or meat drippings, thickening agent and a liquid.
  1. chutney
  2. vinaigrette
  3. coulis
  4. gravy
What does it mean to use reduction as a thickening method when making a sauce?
  1. to scale back the liquid in a recipe
  2. to cool a liquid before adding a thickener
  3. to intensify the flavor of a liquid by simmering or boiling
  4. to use dried herbs in place of fresh herbs

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