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Window Terminology (Continuing Education)

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Window Terminology

What term is used to describe the vertical edge members of the window sash?
  1. Muntin
  2. Stile
  3. Light
  4. Frame
The top and bottom horizontal members of the window frame are called the                 .
The window sash can open, slide, or adjust and is installed inside of the window                 .
The window sash is the portion of the window that is operable, and the part you can open or close. What is the stationary portion called?
  1. Window sill
  2. Sidelight
  3. Passthrough
  4. Window frame
What is the name of the bent piece of metal that generally sits directly above the window to prevent the intrusion of moisture?
  1. Cap flashing
  2. Window flashing
  3. Window cap
  4. Window head
In certain areas around the globe, you may be required to install a window flashing that sits directly above the window. What purpose does this window flashing have?

What is the name of the narrow strips of metal, plastic, or rubber that are installed in windows and doors which help to prevent the infiltration of water and air?
  1. Gasket
  2. Flashing
  3. Fasteners
  4. Weather stripping
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