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Fastener Quiz (Continuing Education)

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Fastener Quiz

Instructions: Take 10 minutes and answer the questions below to the best of your ability.

Which is the recommended type of nail for fastening vinyl siding to the exterior of a building?
  1. Roofing
  2. Common
  3. Finish
  4. Duplex
What is the best type of nail to use for fastening a quarter round molding between the floor and the baseboard?
  1. Box
  2. Brad
  3. Masonry
  4. Common
Which type of screw would be best used to fasten two piece of metal without pre drilling a hole?
  1. Deck
  2. Wood
  3. Drywall
  4. Self Tapping
What is the name of the sharp point of a screw?
  1. Driving point
  2. Gimlet point
  3. Fastening point
  4. Screw point
If a fastener has the ability to withstand lateral movement this is called its                 strength.
  1. shear
  2. lateral
  3. vertical
  4. pull out
Why must nails of the same type be used when fastening roof flashing?
  1. The nail will not penetrate the metal if it is a different type
  2. As long as the nails will not get wet it doesn't matter what you use
  3. The flashing will become week and fall off and begin to rust
  4. Electrolysis will occur if you use a different type of metal nail to fasten the flashing
Generally 2 types of these nails are used to fasten wood shingles to a roof? Their smaller gauge prevent the wood from splitting.
  1. Roofing nail
  2. Box nails
  3. Galvanized nails
  4. Finish nails
When you need to hang a shelf from a wall that is made of 2x4 lumber and drywall. What is the strongest way to fasten the shelf to the wall?
  1. Strong adhesive
  2. Drive screws through drywall into the studs
  3. Hollow wall drywall anchors
  4. Large screws directly into the drywall
What is the best type of nail to use at the edge of a piece of fascia, where you are fastening one piece of fascia to the other? This fascia is primed and you plan to fill the nail holes and paint it.
  1. Casing
  2. Common
  3. Brad
  4. Masonry
What is an anchor?
  1. The insulation in the wall
  2. The roof being held down solid to the house
  3. A type of fastener to attach components to walls or ceilings
  4. A special kind of footing
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