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Hair Show (Continuing Education)

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Hair Show

In a hair show, your models must give you                            to do their hair as you want for your presentation.
You should do at least one                          run so that you know your style will work out as planned.
You must be clear on whether your models will be                or if they are offering their time for a free cut/style.
The models must be able to hold their                  on stage for a long time so that the audience can walk through and admire the styles you have created.
Choose                and                      that are creatively designed as well as unique, they could possibly become the next mainstream style.
You will have an opportunity to talk about your style choices, highlight the entire                      you went through in order to achieve the final look.
Choose clothing for your models that                                                                the hair that you have created.
Choose colors that are                                    to grab the attention of your audience.
If you disagree with a model/stylist at the show you should not argue but always remain                                as you are representing your salon and yourself as a stylist.
It is important that you bring enough                      with you for touch ups throughout the day. Hair spray for example, may need to be applied every hour.

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