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Makeup for Fashion Shows (Continuing Education)

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Makeup for Fashion Shows

                                         on the model's teeth can help to keep lipstick from sticking to the teeth.
If you create a                        eye, you can have a soft lip to enhance the model's eye makeup.
             lipstick will create a very dramatic and sexy lip, especially when paired with black clothing.
You will want to create a look that will work with several                                                          changes (with slight altering if required).
Keep a lot of cotton balls, tissues, and cotton swabs on hand for any                                      in the makeup that need to be fixed before going on stage.
Using a mascara that is                            will help to avoid smears and runs if the venue is hot in temperature.
If models are doing several quick changes, there is a chance that their                            will get on the collar area of the clothes they are wearing.
The correct shade of                          can compliment an outfit and make it appealing to the audience.
Blotting papers are a good and fast way to get the models                  free between their sets.
                                     is a great way to highlight key areas of the face and can pair with evening wear well.
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