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Concrete Foundation Quiz (Continuing Education)

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Concrete Foundation Quiz

Which of the following is NOT a typical residential concrete foundation type?
  1. Slab on grade foundation
  2. Above grade foundation
  3. Crawl space foundation
  4. Full basement foundation
What characteristics does a slab on grade foundation have?

Describe the characteristics of a crawl space foundation.

Foundations must rest on undisturbed soil below the                  line.
The term CMU refers to the concrete blocks that are often used to build foundation walls. What does the abbreviation CMU stand for?
  1. Certified Masonry Unit
  2. Concrete Masonry Unit
  3. Complete Mason Unit
  4. Concrete Mason Unit
What is added to a concrete slab to make it a reinforced concrete slab?

Shallow foundations include crawl space and slab on grade foundations. Deep foundations include both end bearing                  and friction                 . Both blanks are the same word
This foundation type that drives a long cylinder of a strong material into the ground until it hits bed rock or solid soil.
  1. Friction Pile
  2. Concrete pile
  3. End bearing pile
  4. Support Pile
Describe how a friction pile foundation works.

These types of concrete foundations incorporate a rigid insulation on two sides and reinforcing members connecting the two. This type of foundation does not require much form work, cuts down on labor costs, and is extremely energy efficient.
  1. Friction pile foundation
  2. Insulated concrete form foundation
  3. Full basement foundation
  4. Slab on grade foundation
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