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Hair Cutting: Bangs (Continuing Education)

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Hair Cutting: Bangs

Side bangs and fringe in the                  are two common types of bangs.
You will need to comb a side                to cut your bangs to the side.
Your hair is longer when it is wet, it is best to cut bangs when they are mainly             .
If you are not sure on the length that you would like, you can always start                    and keep cutting to achieve your desired length.
If you would like a more natural look as opposed to a blunt line, you can use a                               
To avoid a traumatic bang experience, it is important to cut your bangs in                        increments until they are your desired length.
To even out your bangs you will take your scissors and make small snips at the tips of your bangs, making sure the scissors are                        to the strands in your hair.
Bangs are good for framing your               .
Straight bangs (fringe) usually need more attention, you may have to straighten them or                          them every time you style your hair.
While cutting, use your                      to form a reference line to cut.

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