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Cooking/Baking with Chocolate (Continuing Education)

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Cooking/Baking with Chocolate

When melting chocolate for dipping, it is recommended to add 1/2 teaspoon of                           per ounce of chocolate.
When melting chocolate on the stovetop, ensure that no                 gets into the chocolate as this will cause it to seize and go grainy.
When melting chocolate in the microwave, melt one ounce of chocolate for approximately           seconds and six ounces for approximately                 minutes, stopping part way through to stir the chocolate.
When a recipe calls for baking chocolate, use                             or bitter chocolate.
White chocolate contains no cocoa solids, only                               . Use inexpensive bars for baking as these tend to               better than expensive bars.
Do not use a                               for stirring chocolate, as this tool tends to retain odor and moisture that could ruin the chocolate.
Chocolate is highly susceptible to burning on                        or               heat. If chocolate has been burned, it should not be used in the recipe.
When cooling chocolate or storing a baked chocolate product in the refrigerator or freezer, leaving it too long may cause it to                 or                  when brought to room temperature.
Chocolate percentages basically tell us the amount of                         compared to                 in a bar.
If a recipe doesn't call for chocolate with a specific percentage, use           % as a safe default.
When melting chocolate, it is recommended only to use a              of chocolate and not                                     .

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