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Zapotec and Mixtec (Grade 8)

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Zapotec and Mixtec

The                      and the                    were the two most prominent pre-Columbian civilizations in the Valley of Oaxaca.
What was the name of the Zapotec capital city?
  1. Tenochtitlán
  2. Cholula
  3. Monte Albán
  4. Tres Zapotes
What was the name of the city that was the primary Zapotec religious center?
  1. Mitla
  2. San José Mogote
  3. Achuitla
  4. Guadalupe
Since we have not deciphered Zapotec writing, what evidence do we have for their territorial expansion?

What are the leading theories about the decline of the Zapotec civilization?

After being abandoned by the Zapotec many cities, including Monte Albán, were resettled by the                   .
Which king united all of the Mixtec city-states?
  1. Spear Thrower Owl
  2. Five Crocodile
  3. Eight Deer Jaguar Claw
  4. Eleven Wind Bloody Jaguar
Eight Deer Jaguar Claw was from which important Mixtec city?
  1. Monte Albán
  2. Cuilapan
  3. Tututepec
  4. Tilantongo
Mixtec artisans were renowned for what craft?
  1. jade working
  2. gold working
  3. weaving
  4. stone cutting
Other than archaeological evidence, where do we get our information about Mixtec culture and history?

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