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Anti-Acne Facial Multiple Choice (Continuing Education)

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Anti-Acne Facial Multiple Choice

If your client asks you about diet you should
  1. tell them your meal plan to follow.
  2. refer them to a dietitian.
  3. tell them not to eat sugar.
  4. let them know that their skin issues are a direct result of their diet.
In an LED treatment, the red light activates
  1. anti-aging
  2. collagen production
  3. moisture
  4. oils
Acne can surprisingly be caused by
  1. eating maple syrup.
  2. pillow cases and towels used on your face.
  3. talking on the phone too long.
  4. not sleeping enough.
Tea tree oil is
  1. a strong, potent product.
  2. a good product to help fight acne because it disinfects.
  3. not to be used on the skin.
  4. a chemical.
Laying out in the sun will
  1. give you a great tan.
  2. dry up your acne but damage your skin.
  3. positively affect your acne.
  4. make your skin oily.
LED therapy sessions use both
  1. high and low settings.
  2. hot and cold air.
  3. red and blue lights.
  4. lotions.
A facial that offers a 'one time' solution for your skin is
  1. trust worthy.
  2. not reliable/true.
  3. a solid promise.
  4. good value.
Harsh exfoliators
  1. can overstimulate the sebaceous glands.
  2. are an excellent way to fight acne.
  3. will prevent future breakouts.
  4. keep your skin glowing.
Some ingredients that help to fight acne are
  1. avocado and moroccan oil.
  2. salicylic acid and sulfer.
  3. strawberries and bananas.
  4. almond oil.
An anti-acne facial will
  1. help to keep skin clear.
  2. keep skin perfectly clear.
  3. add moisture to your skin.
  4. raise your self confidence.

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