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Anti-Aging Facial Multiple Choice (Continuing Education)

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Anti-Aging Facial Multiple Choice

An anti-aging facial will
  1. help to prevent the signs of aging with regular treatments.
  2. take all of your wrinkles away after two treatments.
  3. cost you a lot of money.
  4. make your skin oily.
Anti-aging facials are recommended for
  1. individuals who are over the age of 19.
  2. individuals who are mid 20's and older.
  3. individuals who are over 60.
  4. individuals who are in their teens.
An anti aging facial will include
  1. an orange scented toner.
  2. a mud mask.
  3. a vigorous hand massage.
  4. all of the steps of a basic facial.
The ingredients used are all targeted towards
  1. skin that is dry.
  2. aging/mature skin.
  3. oily skin.
  4. skin that is in the second stage of aging.
Individuals who are 40 and above are said to have
  1. wrinkles.
  2. mature skin.
  3. aged skin.
  4. large pores.
As we age, our skin gets
  1. old.
  2. thicker and plump.
  3. thinner.
  4. brown.
What will happen if you get an anti-aging facial and you are under the age of 20?
  1. You will receive no benefits to your skin.
  2. You will damage your skin.
  3. You will receive the benefits of a facial but it will not be targeted to your skin type.
  4. Your skin will become dry.
Smiling or frowning can
  1. make your skin tighter.
  2. cause wrinkles over time.
  3. pull on your pores.
  4. increase blood flow.
Painful injections are
  1. the third and final step of an anti-aging facial.
  2. not apart of an anti-aging facial.
  3. expensive.
  4. the main ingredient to softer skin.
In your late 20's, your skin is
  1. clear and tight.
  2. already showing early signs of aging.
  3. the most vulnerable.
  4. the strongest.

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