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Basic Facial Multiple Choice (Continuing Education)

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Basic Facial Multiple Choice

Use a steamer or a hot towel on the client's face in order to
  1. open up the pores.
  2. unclog the pores.
  3. relax the client.
  4. minimize wrinkles.
If you leave a hot towel on the client's face for too long, it will                 their face.
  1. burn
  2. wrinkle
  3. feel cold on
  4. shrink
Analyze the skin to
  1. look for blackheads.
  2. decide which products to use that will best benefit the skin.
  3. look for signs of aging.
  4. formulate make up colour recommendations.
The "T Zone" is referring to the
  1. chin, nose, and forehead.
  2. cheeks and eyebrows.
  3. sides of your face.
  4. neck and chin.
An extraction is a method to
  1. smooth fine lines.
  2. clear the pores of makeup.
  3. remove blackheads from the skin.
  4. open up the eye area.
What product goes deeper into the skin than moisturizer?
  1. Spray conditioning mist
  2. Toner
  3. Foundation
  4. Serum
A client intake form is
  1. a form with their home address and phone number.
  2. a form with all information including allergies and signatures to protect the salon.
  3. a form that allows them to receive discounts.
  4. a form that gives their comments on the services they have received.
While cleansing the face you will massage in a
  1. firm manner.
  2. circular motion.
  3. soft manner.
  4. vertical motion.
Toner should be applied                 you cleanse the skin.
  1. while
  2. after
  3. before
  4. 2 hours before
A client may be                 to ingredients in the products.
  1. addicted
  2. allergic
  3. attracted
  4. impartial

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