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Building Relationships Multiple Choice (Continuing Education)

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Building Relationships Multiple Choice

Building relationships with clients is
  1. not as important as the services they will receive.
  2. the most important part of your business.
  3. a way to get customers to like you.
  4. not important at all.
When you get to know your clients on a personal level they will
  1. become your best friend.
  2. enjoy your services more.
  3. become offended.
  4. not enjoy your services.
What are appropriate things to talk to your client about during their service?
  1. Family and Friends
  2. Ask about their husband
  3. Ask about drug use
  4. Tell drunk stories
It is never ok to
  1. ask to take your client out on a date after their first appointment.
  2. offer to help your colleague with a yelling customer.
  3. shampoo your colleagues customer without your colleagues consent.
  4. offer discounts.
While building relationships it is important to remain                          
  1. professional.
  2. calm.
  3. fun.
  4. true to the salon morals.
The more you get to know your client and the more they enjoy your services, your chances of being                   are higher.
  1. tipped well
  2. recommended
  3. given a promotion
  4. fired
If you know your client well and they trust you, you may get asked to work for their
  1. birthday or wedding day.
  2. own salon.
  3. work lunches.
  4. children.
No matter how close you get with your clients, you do not have to give them                        .
  1. discounts/free services
  2. extra samples
  3. your food.
  4. your hair brushes
What is a great way to thank your customers?
  1. A dinner party
  2. Loyalty recognition/Client appreciation days/specials
  3. Free wine
  4. A smile and handshake
If you have good relationships with your clients
  1. your business will be successful.
  2. you will not do well in the salon business.
  3. you will be happier.
  4. Your clients will be happier.
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