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Careers for Makeup Artists Multiple Choice (Continuing Education)

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Careers for Makeup Artists Multiple Choice

The                 of a makeup artist is what sets them apart from other artists in their field.
  1. education level
  2. technique
  3. experience
  4. look
Will all makeup artist's job descriptions look the same?
  1. Yes
  2. No
  3. All descriptions will differ, it depends on the setting that they work in.
  4. Only in film and television.
What is a mortuary makeup artist?
  1. An artist that applies make up on bodies for funerals.
  2. An artist that works in a church for weddings.
  3. An artist that runs a business out of their own home.
  4. An experienced artist
A makeup artist with more                 will be highly respected when it comes hiring for important events.
  1. friends
  2. money
  3. makeup
  4. experience
In the fashion industry, who leads the makeup artist?
  1. The clients
  2. Editor/designer
  3. B and D
  4. Fashion photographer
In theater, makeup artists will have to create a look that portrays a
  1. model.
  2. higher paid actress.
  3. character.
  4. high fashion look.
What hours will a makeup artist work?
  1. 9 to 5
  2. All different hours, depending on the project.
  3. Early mornings
  4. Late nights
How will makeup artists decide what they charge?
  1. Based on what their clients are willing to pay.
  2. C and D
  3. Based on their experience.
  4. Based on the services required.
What must you always do when hired to do a bride's makeup for her wedding?
  1. Give a wedding card
  2. Makeup Trial
  3. Carry an emergency kit for the big day.
  4. Ask for magazine photos to copy.
A makeup artist must always
  1. pay attention to detail.
  2. do their friend's makeup.
  3. ask for pay raises.
  4. A and B
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