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Children: Cutting Hair Multiple Choice (Continuing Education)

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Children: Cutting Hair Multiple Choice

How can you calm a child down before getting a haircut?
  1. Talk to them and ask age appropriate questions.
  2. Give them candy and bubble gum.
  3. Give them some cough medicine.
  4. Ask their parents to sit with them.
You will use a                 to catch the hair.
  1. clip
  2. bowl
  3. cape
  4. foil
How should you section the hair off?
  1. Three different sized sections
  2. Even sections
  3. Small sections
  4. Thick sections
If a child is very young it is a good idea to
  1. use smaller scissors.
  2. ask your boss for help.
  3. send them home until they are older.
  4. have their parent hold them on their laps.
If it is a child's first haircut it will help if you
  1. explain everything before you do it.
  2. give them a lolly pop before the haircut.
  3. give them something to color while you cut.
  4. ask their parents to sit with them.
How should you cut the hair?
  1. Vertical with small snips.
  2. Straight across in a fluid motion.
  3. While holding the hair between your fingers, place the back of your hand as a shield between the child's head and your scissors.
  4. Long, quick snips.
If the hair is curly it is ok if it is not completely                .
  1. straight
  2. wet
  3. dry
  4. styled
Which of the following questions are appropriate to ask a toddler while cutting their hair?
  1. Do you have any pets?
  2. Do you like airplanes?
  3. A and B
  4. Do you like your Mommy and Daddy?
Which of the following is not appropriate to do while cutting a child's hair?
  1. Sing a song with them
  2. Hold them down if they cry
  3. Give them a pair of scissors to play with to distract them.
  4. B and C
By offering your small client a treat and lots of praise for being so brave during their haircut you are
  1. creating good memories for them at the salon.
  2. spoiling them.
  3. showing their parents that you treat their child well.
  4. A and B

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