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Color Correction Multiple Choice (Continuing Education)

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Color Correction Multiple Choice

Color correction
  1. takes time.
  2. can be done quickly.
  3. is too expensive for the average person.
  4. B and C
When attempting a color correction treatment you must have a
  1. plan.
  2. lot of money.
  3. sharp pair of scissors.
  4. good quality base.
You must judge if the hair is                 enough for color correction.
  1. brittle
  2. short
  3. healthy
  4. long
You may need to fix the hair in stages in order to keep the hair's                .
  1. color
  2. integrity
  3. thickness
  4. length
What must you communicate with your client about?
  1. What the end result will look like.
  2. The weather
  3. Their old color choices
  4. Their last haircut
Color correction treatments can not be completed in
  1. one visit.
  2. the winter time.
  3. the morning.
  4. the ending hours of the day.
Color correction is not safe for the following types of hair.
  1. Blonde and Brittle
  2. Brown and Brittle
  3. Red hair
  4. A and B
Color correction must be done by
  1. your bestfriend.
  2. a professional.
  3. your neighbor.
  4. your mom.
Color correction requires
  1. perfect timing.
  2. good hair dye.
  3. expensive tools.
  4. B and C
Color correction is                 safe for children.
  1. not
  2. very
  3. a little
  4. only

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