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Facial Wax Multiple Choice (Continuing Education)

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Facial Wax Multiple Choice

Hard wax does not
  1. require strips.
  2. dry properly.
  3. hurt as much as soft.
  4. take all of the hairs out.
When using soft wax, you must have
  1. patience.
  2. strips.
  3. wax remover.
  4. water.
What can you use to create a barrier between the skin?
  1. Foil
  2. Petroleum jelly
  3. Plastic
  4. Talc powder
Before starting, ask the client to
  1. test the temperature.
  2. taste the wax.
  3. wash their hands.
  4. tie hair out of their face.
How do you know hard wax is ready to pull?
  1. When it is not sticky to the touch
  2. When it is still sticky to the touch
  3. When it is smooth and cold
  4. When it is hot
How should the lip be done?
  1. One full strip
  2. Three sections
  3. Two sections
  4. Five sections
After waxing you should not apply
  1. scented cream.
  2. soothing oils.
  3. bandages.
  4. A and C
Facial hair can be
  1. long.
  2. thick.
  3. embarrassing.
  4. short.
How long will facial waxing last?
  1. 3 to 5 hours
  2. 2 to 4 weeks
  3. Up to 6 weeks
  4. Up to 8 weeks
Another option other than waxing facial hair that can become permanent is
  1. bleaching.
  2. shaving.
  3. tweezing.
  4. electrolysis.
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