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Hair Curling: Hair Rollers Multiple Choice (Continuing Education)

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Hair Curling: Hair Rollers Multiple Choice

It is best to use foam hair rollers when your hair is
  1. dry.
  2. blown dry.
  3. wet/damp.
  4. long.
How should you roll the hair?
  1. Quickly before the hair becomes dry
  2. Tip to root, carefully making sure all hair is in neatly
  3. Slowly
  4. Mid section to root
How wide should each section of hair be?
  1. 1 inch
  2. Equal to that of the roller
  3. 1.5 inches
  4. 2 to 3 inches
What can rollers do to fine hair?
  1. Cause damage
  2. Create volume and texture
  3. Break it
  4. Make it smooth
What should you do if you want a tighter curl?
  1. Roll the roller very tight
  2. Use smaller rollers
  3. Leave the rollers in longer
  4. Spray the rollers in hair spray
What should you do if you want more of a wave?
  1. Use large rollers
  2. Use less hair spray
  3. Shake your head upside down
  4. Take the rollers out earlier
What should you do before removing hot rollers?
  1. Blow dry the hair on low
  2. Shampoo the hair
  3. Use hair spray
  4. Make sure they are completely cool
Good tension creates
  1. a good curl.
  2. headaches.
  3. damaged hair.
  4. longer hair.
Curls hold and form best on hair that is
  1. washed the day before.
  2. long and thick.
  3. short and thin.
  4. washed the day of.
Why should hot rollers not be too close to the scalp?
  1. Burn the scalp
  2. Pull the hair
  3. Too much curl
  4. Too little curl

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