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Air Pollution (Grade 8)

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Air Pollution

Air pollution can be caused by
  1. chemicals.
  2. burning fossil fuels or trash.
  3. dust.
  4. all of the above
Most air pollution is caused by
  1. dust and pollen.
  2. acid rain.
  3. erupting volcanoes.
  4. the burning of fossil fuels.
Which of the following is NOT a primary pollutant of air?
  1. car exhaust
  2. acid precipitation
  3. smoke from a factory
  4. fumes from burning plastic
Which of the following factors contribute to smog problems?
  1. mountains surrounding urban areas
  2. lots of sunlight
  3. high numbers of automobiles
  4. all of the above
By which exposure route does smog most negatively affect a person’s body?
  1. eating
  2. drinking
  3. breathing
  4. skin contact
Which of the actions below is something we can do that will most directly reduce smog concentrations?
  1. drink bottled water
  2. compost organic waste
  3. use public transportation
  4. recycle plastic containers
What is one major way humans pollute the air?
  1. by using fertilizers on crops
  2. by releasing carbon dioxide from plants
  3. by burning fossil fuels to produce energy
  4. by destroying producers in colder climates
Which of these could help to reduce air pollution?
  1. recycling
  2. mining
  3. burning fossil fuels
  4. driving a car
Which type of scientist studies the impact of air pollution on long term changes in Earth's atmosphere?
Earth Day - Factory
  1. geologist
  2. astronomer
  3. climatologist
  4. meteorologist
The Air Quality Index indicates air pollution levels as shown below:

0 - 50 Good
51 - 100 Moderate
101 - 150 Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups
151 - 200 Unhealthy
201 - 300 Very Unhealthy

The weather report states an air quality index of 110. Which recommendation would be best for children with asthma on this day?
  1. play outside as long as they want
  2. limit the amount of time they are outside
  3. do not go outside under any circumstances
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