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Exploring Culinary Careers - Food Stylist (Continuing Education)

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Exploring Culinary Careers - Food Stylist

Basically a food stylist prepares food for the                    as opposed to a chef who prepares food for consumption.
It has been said that we eat with our               , and this requires a food stylist to be a skilled                and                   .
Food stylists are usually in charge of shopping, prepping and                     food used in an assignment.
As food stylists usually use real food that is 100% edible, they need to work within               restrictions that dictate how long food will look                 .
Food stylists use their                         skills as well as a knowledge of basic food                         .
Food stylists are ethically responsible to abide by                                               laws when preparing food for visual consumption.
A food stylist may be required to work               hours during weekdays and                       .
A food stylist often works closely with editors,                 , and                                 .
A food stylist may work as a                            or be an in-house stylist for a company.
While not always necessary, many food stylists have a                                               from an institute or trade school.
Food stylists who work as freelancers will ideally possess strong                                 skills as they are constantly meeting and working with new people.
Food stylists in                 cities will often command a                   fee due to higher demand of their skill.
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