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Types of Poultry (Continuing Education)

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Types of Poultry

This type of poultry is a mature female and though flavorful is less tender than a fryer. It is usually over seven months in age and weighs two pounds and over. The best cooking method for this type of poultry is to braise or stew.
  1. turkey
  2. fowl
  3. pigeon
  4. foie gras
This type of poultry is usually not sold at a typical grocery store. It has dark and tender meat with a minimal amount of fat and is suitable for roasting, broiling, or sauteing.
  1. duck
  2. turkey
  3. pigeon
  4. fowl
This type of chicken is typically six to eight weeks old, with tender and relatively lean meat. It weighs up to four pounds and has versatility with cooking methods.
  1. pigeon
  2. fryer
  3. Cornish game hen
  4. goose
This is the second most popular type of poultry and is often cooked during holidays. It contains both light and dark meat with small amounts of fat. Typically the best cooking methods is roast or cut into cutlets and sauteed or pan-fried.
  1. turkey
  2. pigeon
  3. Cornish game hen
  4. goose
This type of poultry is a castrated male. It has tender meat containing a high proportion of light meat to dark meat and a relatively high fat content. It is typically four to six months old and usually weights six to ten pounds and is good for roasting. It is usually sold in speciality stores or high end restaurants.
  1. goose
  2. foie gras
  3. capon
  4. fowl
This is the enlarged liver of a duck or goose, and it has been considered a delicacy since Roman times. It can be roasted, grilled, sauteed, or made into a pate.
  1. fowl
  2. capon
  3. fryer
  4. foie gras
Poultry is a high quality source of this nutrient.
  1. carbohydrate
  2. potassium
  3. Vitamin A
  4. protein
This type of poultry is most commonly young, has a thick coat of fat and only contains dark meat. As it has a high percentage of bone and fat to meat, consumers will often buy only the breast portion. It is best cooked on a rack so that the fat can run off.
  1. capon
  2. turkey
  3. duck
  4. fowl
The type of poultry has tender young meat and is typically eight to nine weeks old and weighs four pounds and over. It is suitable for any cooking method.
  1. roaster
  2. duck
  3. fowl
  4. capon
This type of small hybrid poultry is typically four to six weeks old, plump-breasted and sold whole weighing up to two and a half pounds.
  1. capon
  2. Cornish game hen
  3. turkey
  4. fowl
This type of poultry has very fatty skin and contains only dark meat. It is usually roasted at high temperatures and is a popular poultry choice during holidays.
  1. pigeon
  2. turkey
  3. goose
  4. fowl

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