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Addition Word Problems (Up to Three Digits) (Grade 3)

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Addition Word Problems (Up to Three Digits)

Bonnie works on a big puzzle. She put 119 pieces together. There are 131 more pieces to put together.

How many pieces are there in all?
  1. 200
  2. 250
  3. 300
A pasta restaurant ordered 114 jars of tomato sauce, 7 jars of mushroom sauce, and 49 jars of garlic sauce. How many jars of sauce did the restaurant order in all?
  1. 180
  2. 130
  3. 170
  4. 120
Matt's family is going on vacation.
They drove 650 miles today.
They will drive 273 miles tomorrow.
How many miles will they drive in all?
  1. 822
  2. 923
  3. 377
Gary sold 187 pencils in the school store in the month of March. He sold 245 in the month of April. How many pencils did he sell in all?
  1. 420
  2. 432
  3. 431
  4. 235
Joaquin had 187 markers. His friend Xavier gave him 101 markers for his birthday. How many markers does Joaquin have now?
  1. 288
  2. 290
  3. 281
  4. 295
The aquarium sold tickets to the polar bear exhibit on Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday, the aquarium sold 584 tickets. On Sunday, the aquarium sold 296 tickets. How many total tickets did the aquarium sell on Saturday and Sunday?
  1. 770
  2. 880
  3. 900
  4. 990
The students in Ms. Lopez's class had 327 bottle caps in their collection at the end of last week. This week, the students collected 64 more bottle caps. How many bottle caps do they have now?

A monkey weighs 67 kilograms. A zebra weighs 438 kilograms. What is the combined weight of the money and zebra?

Kramer removed 480 milliliters of water from his fish bowl. If he left 189 milliliters of water in the fish bowl, how much water did it have to begin with?

Last year, there were 420 students at Madison Elementary. This year, 190 more students enrolled. How many students attend Madison Elementary?

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