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Adding Multi-Digit Whole Numbers - Word Problems (Grade 4)

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Adding Multi-Digit Whole Numbers - Word Problems

There are 33,201 people living in Harold's town. There are 8,295 people living in Nancy's town. How many people live in both towns?
  1. 31,496
  2. 33,496
  3. 41,496
  4. 48,496
The Electronics Experts store sold 8,124 computers last year. The store also sold 2,336 printers. How many computers and printers did the store sell last year?
  1. 10,460
  2. 10,640
  3. 10,840
  4. 10,940
Last week the snack bar sold 1,024 hot dogs. This week it sold 1,155 hot dogs. What was the total number of hot dogs served for the two weeks?
  1. 131
  2. 1,179
  3. 2,079
  4. 2,179
  5. None of the above
In April, 5,326 books were checked out of the library. In May, 3,294 books were checked out. How many books were checked out in all?
  1. 8,620
  2. 8,610
  3. 8,520
  4. 8,510
Hundreds of knights came to the tournament. Then four hundred twenty knights went home. Seven hundred fifty-six knights remained. How many knights came to the tournament?

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