Multiplication Word Problems - Two-Digit Numbers (Grade 4)

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Multiplication Word Problems - Two-Digit Numbers

Instructions: Solve each multiplication problem. Show your work.

Joey has 25 baseball card collection albums with 56 baseball cards in each album.
How many baseball cards does Joey have total?

A theater has 26 chairs in a row. There are 38 rows of chairs in the theater.

What is the total number of chairs in the theater?

Solve the problem using multiplication. Remember to write the correct label for your answer.

There are 56 members in a theater company. Each member needs to sell 20 tickets to an upcoming show. How many tickets does the theater company need to sell in all?

Write a multiplication sentence for the word problem below. Then solve the problem. Remember to write the correct label for your answer.

The student council purchased 50 containers of punch for the school picnic. Each container held 32 ounces of punch. How many ounces of punch were purchased?

Victor has 21 boxes of candies. Each box holds 88 candies. How many candies does Victor have?

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