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Multiplication Word Problems - Practice #1 (Grade 3)

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Multiplication Word Problems - Practice #1

Instructions: Solve each multiplication word problem. Show your work and label answers.

Martin has his games divided into 5 groups. He has 8 games in each group. How many games does he have in all?

There are 9 students in the music club. Each student has 4 instruments. How many instruments do the students in music club have in all?

Andrea sees 4 bicycles at school. Each of the bicycles has two wheels. How many wheels does she see in all?

Madison bought 8 bags of candy. Each bag had 8 pieces of candy. How many pieces of candy did Madison buy?

Baseball cards come in packs of 10. Seth has 3 packs of baseball cards. How many baseball cards does he have altogether?

A theme park visor costs $6. Julie's family buys 5 visors.
How much do they spend on visors?

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