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Multiplication Word Problems - Practice #3 (Grade 4)

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Multiplication Word Problems - Practice #3

Instructions: Solve each multiplication word problem. Show your work and label answers.

Amanda bought 6 cartons of orange juice. Each carton held 310 milliliters of orange juice. How many milliliters of orange juice did she buy in all?

A waiter had nine tables he was waiting on. There are seven women and three men at each table. How many total customers did the waiter have?

In the United States, students spend about 900 hours per year in school. How many hours would a student spend in 12 years of school?

Jena's mother had 28 photo albums with 44 pictures in each album.
How many pictures did her mother have total?

On the first day of school, every student will get 25 star stickers. How many star stickers are needed for a school with 864 students?

A bag of oranges weighs 27 pounds. A bag of apples weighs 32 pounds. Find the total weight of 16 bags of oranges and 43 bags of apples.

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