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Possessive Pronouns (Camping) (Continuing Education)

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Possessive Pronouns (Camping)

Instructions: Write the appropriate possessive pronoun in the blank provided.

(mine, yours, his, hers, its, ours, theirs)

Luke: Hey Brian. Do you want to go camping this weekend with some friends of               ?

Brian: Sure, who else is going?

Luke: Nick, Grace, Kayla, John, and David.

Brian: Sounds fun.

Luke: Great! Another question, do you happen to have a tent that we can use?

Brian: I do. Should I bring               ?

Luke: Yes, that’d be great. We were going to use Nick’s tent, but              is too small for all of us to fit. Grace is bringing               , but only for her and Kayla. So we need an extra one. How big is                 ?

Brian: It’s big enough to fit six people comfortably.

Luke: Wow, that’d be great!

Brain: Where is the campsite? I’ll meet you there.

Luke: We will be at the state park,                is site 48-1. The park just added to              campground, and we have a new site right by the water. It’s going to be nice.

Brian: Speaking of water, do they have bathrooms there?

Luke: Yes! They have bathrooms, and                    have showers, too.

Brian: Awesome! Can’t wait. We’ll see you then.

Luke: Yea, thanks again!

Brian: No problem.

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