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Subtraction Word Problems Within 100 (Grade 2)

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Subtraction Word Problems Within 100

Instructions: Subtract. Show your work.

John bought 52 pencils and Russell bought 10 pencils. How many more pencils does John have than Russell?

Sally saw 47 ducks in the pond. Some of the ducks flew away. When she counted again, there were 16 ducks in the pond. How many ducks flew away?

Maxwell has 100 blocks on the floor. If he puts 76 blocks away, how many blocks are left on the floor?
Hundred Cubes

Isaac found 72 fossils during a walk in the woods. When he walked back to his cabin for lunch, some of the fossils fell out of the bag he was carry them in. When he got back to the cabin and opened the bag he had only 16 fossils. How many fossils fell out of Isaac's bag?

At the bowling alley, there are 32 bowling balls. Of these, 8 are blue, 5 are pink, 6 are red, and the rest are black. How many of the bowling balls are black?

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