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Subtraction Word Problems Within 1000 (Grade 3)

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Subtraction Word Problems Within 1000

Instructions: Subtract. Show your work.

There are 540 milliliters of red paint. There are 730 milliliters of green paint. How many more milliliters of the green paint is there than red paint?

There were 294 students in the gym for the assembly. Then, 86 students left. How many students were left in the gym?

Ike wanted to run 1,000 laps around a track in three months. Ike has already run 438 laps. How many more laps does he have left to meet his goal?

A tiger weighs 539 kilograms. A buffalo weighs 715 kilograms. How many kilograms heavier is the buffalo than the tiger?

David had 350 baseball cards. He gave 45 to his friend and sold 139 at a yard sell. How many baseball cards does David have left?

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