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Freezing Food (Continuing Education)

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Freezing Food

At what temperature will any water in food become ice?
  1. 40 degrees F (4.4 degrees C)
  2. 38 degrees F (3.3 degrees C)
  3. 32 degrees F (0 degrees C)
  4. 42 degrees F (5.5 degrees C)
Identify two things that occur when food is frozen.
  1. spoilage and enzyme activity slows
  2. spoilage slows and enzyme activity stops
  3. spoilage and enzyme activity stops
  4. spoilage stops and enzyme activity slows
What is the main function of blanching fruits or vegetables before freezing?
  1. prevent deterioration by denaturing enzymes
  2. add salt to the food as a preservative
  3. enhance the colour of the food
  4. increase nutritional value
How long will frozen food keep well if the freezer maintains an ideal constant temperature?
  1. up to one year
  2. up to six months
  3. up to two months
  4. up to two years
What is freezer burn?
  1. frozen food that loses its colour but is otherwise of good quality
  2. enzyme reaction to fluctuations in freezer temperatures
  3. frozen food is damaged by dehydration and oxidation due to air reaching the food
  4. food that has been salted too much before freezing
Identify how to prevent freezer burn.
  1. blanche food before freezing
  2. lightly salt food before freezing
  3. wrap food tightly in freezer paper, freezer bags or foil
  4. lightly mist food before freezing
Identify why some foods don't freeze well.
  1. low quality out of season foods
  2. inflexible cell walls and emulsion damage
  3. flexible cell walls
  4. foods are homogenized
Identify the ideal steps for freezing carrots.
  1. blanche whole carrot, freeze single layer on cookie sheet, pack in freezer bags
  2. cut to size, freeze single layer on cookie sheet, pack in freezer bags
  3. cut to size, blanche, pack in freezer bags
  4. cut to size, blanche, freeze single layer on cookie sheet, pack in freezer bags
What can be added to fruit before freezing that will slow enzymatic browning?
  1. sugar
  2. salt
  3. ascorbic acid
  4. sodium bicarbonate
Why is it more advisable to freeze soups or stews in metal or plastic containers rather than glass containers?
  1. metal and plastic won't leach minerals from food
  2. metal and plastic are flexible
  3. metal and plastic won't change the taste of food
  4. metal and plastic are more economical

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