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Division Word Problems Within 100 (Grade 3)

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Division Word Problems Within 100

Instructions: Divide. Show your work and label answers.

A class of 12 students had to arrange themselves into 4 groups. How many students were in each group?

Every year the city of San Marcos holds a Cinco de Mayo festival. If 60 students perform in 5 groups at the festival, how many students are in each group?

Rocco is putting 14 drawings into 2 art binders. How many drawings are in each binder?

Alex has 56 chickens.
There are 8 pens.
If each pen has the same number of chickens, how many chickens are in each of the pens?

Kylie bought a bag of 30 beads to make bracelets. Each bracelet requires 5 beads. How many bracelets can Kylie make?

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