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Ice Cream Basics (Continuing Education)

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Ice Cream Basics

Standard ice cream is made from                 , milk,                  and flavourings.
Custom blends of ice cream may be flavoured with                 ,                or chocolate.
Adding                  to cream reduces the                        point of cream keeping it from becoming rock hard.
Custard ice cream is made from cooked custard, a thin pouring type of custard called creme                         
Italian style gelato ice cream has a higher portion of               and a lower portion of                 than standard ice cream.
The three phases of making ice cream are making the mix,                        the ice cream and then                         the ice cream.
Reduced fat ice creams are made with a milk/cream mixture that is less than             fat and may be called ice milk.
Natural gums or                             may be added to ice cream to increase smoothness.
When making ice cream, it is the constant                        and quick                       that keeps ice crystals small so ice cream remains smooth.
Ice cream should be kept at           degrees F, or             degrees C. If ice cream is partially thawed and frozen again, it may become                     
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