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Poaching Foods (Continuing Education)

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Poaching Foods

Poaching is a                 heat cooking method. It is the cooking method requiring the least amount of                making it a gentle and gradual process.
Poaching requires a                   instead of a fat to carry heat into the food, making it a                      alternative to fried foods.
The ideal temperature for poaching food is between                                                                              or well below a                   .
Without an instant read thermometer to check poaching liquid temperature, you should be able to see a slight convection                      in the liquid but no                      should be present.
Liquids used in poaching are                 , broth, or               .
A specific type of broth used in poaching is called                                    and is a combination of broth or stock, an                such as               , lemon juice or                     , a bouquet garni, and a                       .
Fruits are often poached in water or                           , with the addition of                   
When poaching eggs,                      is often added to help coagulate the                      that helps hold the egg together.
When food is finished cooking, a                         sauce may be made from the poaching liquid by                     it rapidly until it reaches sauce consistency.
In order to poach food efficiently, use a pan that suits the                and                  of the food, so a minimum amount of liquid is used.

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