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Romeo and Juliet: Act 2, Scene 4 (Grade 9)

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Romeo and Juliet: Act 2, Scene 4

At the beginning of Scene 2, Act 4, who sent a letter to Lord Montague's house?
  1. Juliet
  2. Tybalt
  3. Rosaline
  4. Friar Laurence
How does Mercutio describe the person who sent the letter?
  1. He is a wimp.
  2. He is as good as dead.
  3. He is a top-ranked fencer.
  4. He is a good friend to Romeo.
Which words best describe Mercutio?
  1. angry
  2. in love
  3. a jokester
  4. only child
Who comes to speak with Romeo?
  1. Tybalt
  2. The Nurse
  3. Lord Montague
  4. Friar Laurence
What does the visitor think of Mercutio?
  1. He is cute.
  2. He is rude.
  3. He is friendly.
  4. He is talkative.
What does Romeo want Juliet to do?
  1. come see him herself
  2. tell him she loves him
  3. tell her parents about them
  4. meet him at Friar Laurence's cell
What does Romeo offer the person who came to see him?
  1. money
  2. a drink
  3. a chance to fight
  4. a proposal of marriage
Who else wants to marry Juliet?
  1. Paris
  2. Tybalt
  3. Mercutio
  4. Friar Laurence
What does Juliet think about the other man who wants to marry her?
  1. He's a toad.
  2. He's good-looking.
  3. He's much too young.
  4. He's not wealthy enough.
Will the visitor tell Juliet about Romeo's plan?
  1. Yes
  2. No

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